Gentlemen of the Road Stopover Festivals 2013

13th-14th September 2013 - St. Augustine Stopover

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Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros

Despite the fact that they're all dickheads, this band is amazing. Of course, we jest, for we are so unbelievably proud to welcome back to the Stopover series ES&TMZ. We've toured America on a train, we've toured Australia on planes, and now we're gonna smash out some Stopovers on golf carts, or on foot most likely. We haven't cried during one band's set more times than we have for these guys, because the beauty that all 156 band members create when they're on stage together is EVEN better than the records you might have heard, and the sense of abandon that you'll experience when seeing them live is one we wished everyone in the world could experience cos you'll never forget it. Believe.

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